What to Do on a Rainy Day

Although the weather on the Mendocino Coast tends to be beautiful, there are times when the rain comes down. Here are some activities that you can try when it is too nasty to be out in it!


The Skunk Train rounds a bend along the Noyo River

Interesting Drives

  • Drive along the Coast – North to Westport or South to Elk – both directions have spectacular ocean views.
  • Pick a spot to park and watch the big waves. Either of the parking lots on the Mendocino Headlands will let you see spectacular waves without being inconvenienced by the gale-force winds and driving rain. The beach at Van Damme SP also gives you a birds-eye view of big waves.
  • Drive to the movie spots from “100 Years of Movies” and then rent one of the movies.
  • Go check out a lighthouse. The Point Arena Lighthouse is directly accessible by car, but you have to walk to get to the lighthouse at Point Cabrillo.


You won’t find a chain department store, and you won’t find a Walmart. What you will find is a wide range of one-of-a-kind retail stores, artist co-ops, and boutiques. One of our favorites is Out of this World, selling fine optics and science toys on Main Street in Mendocino. There are also a lot (!) of art galleries, clustered mostly in Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Don’t miss the Mendocino Art Center for a great collection of visiting and resident artists.

For the book browers a must visit is Gallery Books at Main & Kasten Streets in Mendocino.

Take a Walk Under the Trees

While it isn’t very pleasant to walk in the rain at most locations (especially if it is windy!), a fun thing for the hardier types is to go for a hike in the redwoods, such as at Russian Gulch SP or Van Damme SP. When you’re under the redwoods, you get very few raindrops on you — just watch out for the big drips down your neck!

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